11394 James Watt Dr, Ste. 708
El Paso,TX 79936
(915) 599-2865
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Our Service Department is built on the foundation of offering outstanding customer service with every customer interaction. Our
technicians have over fifty years combined experience in the field.  When  you call our Service Department, you will be
speaking with someone in El Paso, TX, not in another city or state.  When our Technicians come to your location, they will
greet you with a handshake and a smile and make sure they understand what problems you are experiencing with your
equipment.  They will keep you informed of the problems they find as they diagnose them.  Before they leave, they will tell
you what they did to fix the problem.  They will also give you any recommendations that they have to improve your process
or extend the life of your weighing or measurement equipment.  Most importantly, they won’t leave until you are completely
satisfied.  Here are a few more things to consider:
Serving El Paso
Since 1990
                 Reasons to Calibrate Your Equipment

No matter what kind of weighing or measurement equipment you are using, routine calibration is very
important.  Here are just a few reasons to calibrate your weighing and measurement equipment:

To guarantee compliance with ISO quality requirements.
Legal for trade compliance as required by the Texas Department of Weights and Measures regulations.
Compliance with other regulatory agencies that may govern your industry (FDA, USDA, etc).
Guaranteed savings by ensuring accuracy with your weighing or measurement processes.
Save money and minimize downtime with the preventative maintenance that routine calibration

Routine calibration can also save you money! Today’s weighing and measurement equipment is more
accurate and sensitive than in years past.  Over time the weighing and measurement equipment that
your organization relies on may get out of calibration.
             Scale Services

We offer scale rentals, and our certified
technicians perform a variety of scale
services, including:
                                                                                                  Scale &  Weighing Equipment Repair

Sun City Scale, Inc. have the best service team in Texas and the Southwest and we understand how important your weighing equipment is to your
business.  We offer 24/7/365 on-site repair services at your location and in-house repair services at our locations.  From micro balances to truck scales
and everything in between, we can get you up and running quickly and efficiently.  We can repair, install and re-locate most brands and models of scales
and weighing equipment.

Here is what separates Sun City Scales, Inc.  from other repair and calibration companies:

A team of factory trained and certified Technicians licensed by the State of Texas Department of Weights and Measures.
We are a quality driven, ISO 17025 accredited company.

24/7 emergency service available through our 24 hour service hotline.
We are compliant with the Texas Department of Agriculture’s legal for trade scale requirements.
We can offer a flat-rate rental scale while yours is being repaired (if we have a similar scale in our rental fleet available).
Our Documented, in-house training program which challenges our Technicians to constantly improve and stay current with the newest technology in the
We represent many manufacturers which gives us access to their factory training and support and authentic replacement parts.

We can give you an estimate for the repair of your equipment.    we carry a variety of new scale and weighing products in   stock for quick replacement.
In-house repair service available – to save you money.

Our competitors talk about their many “years of experience”.  We’d prefer to prove ourselves to you.  Feel free to ask us for our training requirements in
quality   manual, our insurance certificate, our EMR rating, or anything else that will help you feel confident when choosing  Sun City Scale, Inc.  as your
equipment repair company.